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Working Remotely: How Furnished Residences Can Benefit Digital Nomads

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on September 21, 2018
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Digital nomads are slowly but surely infiltrating and taking over the workforce to the extent that the majority of media companies are now offering their employees the unique opportunity to work from remote and sometimes, exotic locations. Many millennials are, understandably, very keen on taking their employers up on these incredible offers. Whether they prefer working from the tranquil and spacious comfort of furnished apartments across the globe or in bustling public places and beachside properties, the digital nomadic lifestyle makes the world your oyster

In fact, this way of living is so appealing to the masses, that it’s even garnered some pretty interesting and undeniably awesome advantages. Keep reading if you think that a digital nomadic lifestyle is right for you or your employees and see how renting furnished residences can make all the difference!

Enjoy Prolonged Stays in Private Accommodations

Furnished residences in remote locations offer a wide range of otherwise unfathomable opportunities. You get the chance to not only work, but also live in a completely new locale whenever you want. That means experiencing new and fascinating cultures and doing a lot of sightseeing while living in your own private executive rentals. You basically get all of the perks of staying in a hotel without having to pay premium rates and you can extend your stay as long as you need or want to!

Inexpensive, Compared to Hotels

Chances are that if you work for a company that’s willing to let you work from remote locations around the world, they’re also willing to either completely or partially pay for your accommodations as well. If you write for a successful travel blog or reviews-based web site, then the amount of royalties or online revenue you generate might even be enough to cover the low costs of your furnished apartment. Depending on the type of deal you have worked out with your employer, the cost of executive rentals is still relatively more affordable than constantly hopping from one hotel to another and you still get most or all of the same amenities!

Adopt a Minimalistic Lifestyle

The more opportunities you have to travel the world, the more you might start to realize the advantages of taking on a minimalistic lifestyle. Shedding a lot of your excess belongings and living with only the bare essentials takes a great deal of discipline in our materialistic world, but it can also be a truly cathartic experience that’s essentially good for your mind, body, and soul—not to mention your bank account!

Why Furnished Apartments from MAC Furnished Residences Inc. Are Ideal for Digital Nomads

MAC Furnished Residences Inc. offers world-class fully furnished executive and residential suites to businesspeople of all calibers. Our centrally located suites are within walking or driving distance of some of the biggest and most popular attractions including bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, and much more. Whether you’re planning on travelling solo or with your family in tow, we know that our fully furnished apartments offer the best-in-class luxury and amenities to make your transition to your new surroundings as seamless as possible. To book your accommodations with us, please feel free to contact us today. We can also help you find furnished apartments and executive rentals in Toronto through our brokerage MAC Real Estate Services Inc. and help facilitate a smoother transition with and MAC Relocation Solutions.

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