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Why Should You Choose Corporate Housing over Hotel Rooms?

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on October 27, 2017
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Searching for housing options for your employees, you have two main choices: a hotel or rental property. Corporate housing is often the better choice, whether your employees will be moving with their family or by themselves, for a number of reasons. While hotels can become expensive for long-term stays, as well as inconvenient for your employees, rental homes offer unparalleled comfort and convenience. To find out more about why corporate rentals could be the ideal option for you, keep on reading.

Good Location

Hotels are often placed in high-traffic tourist areas, which may not be the most convenient for employees. When you choose corporate housing, you’ll have more options and be more likely to find a spot closer to your company, making life much easier for your employee. Not to mention, for employees that are relocating with their families, proximity to schools is a must-have. With corporate rentals, you can find housing options that are located close to various amenities.

Larger Size

Employees will be able to enjoy spacious accommodations when you opt for a corporate rental. Hotels rooms are generally just big bedrooms, with little to no living space. If you’ll be booking accommodations for a week or more, your employees will likely become frustrated in the small space they’re confined to—living in a bedroom-sized space is much more taxing than it seems.

Home-Like Feel

Hotels can be loud, lack privacy, and make employees generally uncomfortable to be living in them. The homey feel and privacy that corporate rentals provide will make employees feel like they actually have somewhere to go home to—a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work, not just a temporary space to lay their head for the night.

Luxury and Amenities

While hotels may have amenities like a spa, gym, or swimming pool, you can count on corporate housing rentals to have the practical amenities they’ll actually appreciate on a daily basis. Employees will have access to a full kitchen and be able to do their laundry—two things that are greatly missed by those who stay in hotel rooms. That’s not to say that corporate suites don’t have the typical hotel amenities too—almost all suites should have gyms and pools, meanwhile some luxury properties may even have a spa!

More Value for Your Money

Lastly, you’ll get way more bang for your buck when you opt for corporate housing. Hotels are generally expensive to begin with, and long-term stays can get extremely costly. When you take into account lodging fees, taxes, parking charges, and Internet fees, rental homes can end up costing you significantly less, as well as being a huge convenience for employees.

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