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Why Choose MAC Furnished Residences


When seeking fully furnished housing in Toronto, it is extremely important to look for a reputable company that knows the local real estate market inside and out. It takes an experienced company in order to be able to fully anticipate and accommodate an executive-class traveller’s needs.

MAC Furnished Residences Inc. has over 17 years of experience in providing executive furnished rentals. Our parent company, The MAC Group, has over 40 years of experience in real estate and hospitality. We make honesty and integrity our major priorities, since so much of our business comes from the same clients and their industry peers.

We notice the small details: things that make the difference when you’re staying abroad in a furnished apartment. It’s our delight to be able to provide superior services across the board.

MAC Furnished Residences Inc.’s Furnished Apartments for Rent

If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment or flat to rent, there are many benefits to choosing our services.

  • Privacy: Hotel rooms tend to be crowded and noisy. When you rent a furnished apartment from MAC Furnished Residences Inc., you never have to worry about thin walls, long lines, or other such inconveniences.
  • Living Space: Enjoy a room with a lot more square-footage than you typically get from a hotel, for a better price. You can select the convenience of an apartment with two bathrooms or two bedrooms if you so desire.
  • Personalization:Our suites are decorated by award-winning designers to give you that touch of home you need to feel comfortable. Expect all the amenities that you’re used to—and much more.
  • Flexibility: Need to extend your stay? We can help. Our dedicated support staff is always available to help with any of your needs.

MAC Furnished Residences Inc. for Relocation Solutions

With the help of MAC Relocation Solutions, we can ensure your move is a stress-free and rewarding experience. Here are some benefits of leaving your relocation to us:

In-house Team:

Most relocation companies outsource different parts of their operations. MAC Furnished Residences Inc. only uses our own licensed realtors (from MAC Real Estate Services Inc.) to handle your needs.

Expert Knowledge:

We know the Greater Toronto Area inside and out, which gives us the advantage when it comes to knowing where to advise you to setup your new residence inside the city.

Settling in Services:

There are a myriad of details to undertake when resettling: getting a SIN number, health insurance, daycare, schooling, pet services, tax services—the list goes on and on. We can help in every area; after all, we’ve helped many other satisfied clients with their relocations throughout the years.

If you are looking for the very best from a fully furnished apartment in Toronto, you can do no better than MAC Furnished Residences Inc. Our 17 years of experience has taught us how to cater to your special needs. We also offer other services including relocation assistance and real estate brokers. To learn more about how MAC Furnished Residences Inc. can make your stay in Toronto memorable, talk to our multilingual staff (English, French, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Spanish) by contacting us toll-free at 1 (866) 393-2322, locally (416) 222-0025 or e-mailing us at

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