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Top Pools to Enjoy in Toronto during Your Summer Business Visit

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on July 27, 2018
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Although summer is already well underway, you may still be in the midst of planning group activities with your family and friends. If you happen to live in or are planning a visit to Toronto this summer for business meetings or just for a family vacation, then there are plenty of fun outdoor activities you can indulge in that everyone will enjoy. Believe it or not, one of the things Toronto is known for is its fun family-friendly waterparks and outdoor pools. After all, there’s no better way to cool down on a stifling, hot summer day than to jump into a cold pool and wade around. It’s also a great way to get some exercise while travelling for business in Toronto.

So, help your kids strap on their floaties as you make memories teaching them how to swim in one of these pools this summer!

Sunnyside Gus Ryder Pool

Located right on the cusp of Toronto’s gorgeous and popular Lakeshore Blvd., this pool has a lot to offer from magnificent views of the waterfront and the city’s magical skyline to excellent walking and bike riding paths. Outdoor activities have never been so much fun and you can easily access it via TTC services. Simply take the 501 Queen Street streetcar to The Queensway and Parkside drive and then walk a few minutes south on the pedestrian and bike riding boardwalk and—voila!—you’re there!

Alex Duff Christie Pits Pool

A major staple for anyone planning a visit to Toronto, Christie Pits is a well-known hangout spot for a lot of young locals. It also happens to boast one of the best local watering holes in the city. Alex Duff Christie Pits Pool features a large spiral waterslide, a 25-metre lap pool, a deep and shallow pool complete with a diving board, and a ramp to provide easy accessibility for all of its guests. Christie station is just steps away from this major Toronto attraction.

Monarch Park

Take your dog off the leash as you wander through the natural beauty that is Monarch Park and then take a dip in the 25 swimming pool to cool yourself off. Or, relax poolside in between your business meetings as you watch your kids sliding down the two storey waterslide from the all-ages raised seating area! This stunning facility also offers swimming lessons for kids and adults of all ages so don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim!

High Park Pool

High Park is one of Toronto’s biggest attractions, especially in the spring and summer. With tons of activities throughout the outdoor area including the blooming cherry blossoms and Shakespeare in High Park, there’s never a dull moment! You can also spend quality time cooling off in the stunning outdoor pool and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds you during your business travels in Toronto!

Planning to travel for business to Toronto this summer? Take a break from all of those boring business meetings by enjoying some of the beautiful sights, sounds, and outdoor pools the city has to offer!

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