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Tips for Winter Business Meetings in Toronto

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on February 16, 2018
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Business Meeting/MontrealWhen you have winter business meetings in Toronto, there are local concerns to familiarize yourself with. The biggest priority is effective time management in order to have maximum productivity—and utility in your off-hours. Staying at a top-tier furnished residence will allow your business trips to go smoothly and cover you if and when you encounter any unexpected hiccups.

Choose Travel Times Wisely

This is a tricky subject, because you can’t always dictate when or where to conduct company business. If that was the case, people would choose to take business trips to the Caribbean every winter. What you can control is the residence where you stay so that you have the most flexibility when arriving and departing and can manage your time best during your business trip. Remember that hotels can easily be overbooked and leave you high and dry whereas a short-term furnished residence tends to offer flexibility, as well as en-suite laundry that saves you time.

Rush hour traffic in Toronto varies depending on the area within the GTA you are commuting to and from, so utilize Google maps to chart your route effectively and always give yourself extra time to travel.

Check the Weather Forecast

No one likes sweating through multiple layers and a parka because spring came early or being caught in the rain or cold without appropriate weather gear. You can check the local forecast before your business meeting using The Weather Network or an app right on your phone.

Be Prepared for Postponed Flights

Delays and postponed flights come invariably with winter weather. Make sure that the furnished residence you stay at has flexibility so that if you need to check out later or stay longer, you have those options readily available.

Take an Emergency Kit

If you use public transit throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) during your business trip, remember to bring your water bottle and some snacks in case you experience any delays. Before you drive anywhere, ensure that your vehicle is always equipped with a small portable shovel so that you can dig your wheels out if you get stuck. Other emergency items like a first aid kit are also worth stocking.

Explore the City

There are over 16,000 restaurants in Toronto, as well as many other bars, coffee shops, and other exciting and unique places. The great thing about short-term residences are that they are often conveniently located. Use your free time to relax and enjoy yourself so that when you’re ready to clock in again, you are completely refreshed and worry-free.

Rely on MAC Furnished Residences Inc.

Looking for a way to ensure your needs are met during a business trip to Toronto? Consult with MAC Furnished Residences Inc. We take pride in offering the finest short-term furnished accommodations, great amenities, and expert advice. To find out more, speak with our multilingual staff (English, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Spanish) by contacting us toll-free at 1-(866)-393-2322, locally at 416-222-0025, or e-mailing us at

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