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Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Short-Term Rental

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on December 15, 2017
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Short-Term Rental

If you are staying in a short-term rental, you’ll want to make the absolute most of your precious living space. A furnished apartment can be of tremendous help, as it has more space than a hotel room, as well as featuring special amenities to make your stay very comfortable.

If you’re staying in a tight urban space, like Toronto’s downtown area, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the following tips to make your short-term rental apartment feel spacious and homey.

Only Pack Essentials

Save yourself the headache and make the process of travelling and living abroad easy: only take the items that you need, and acquire the rest once you’re in Toronto. If something has sentimental value or provides great utility, then by all means take it along. However, don’t feel any obligation to lug everything but the kitchen sink through international airports when a furnished apartment tends to already come with what you need.

Pick the Ideal Rental

Do your research and browse through online listings in order to make sure that you book through a reputable company that can offer you everything you want. Likely, you will need a furnished apartment that’s the correct size, that’s properly designed, that’s in proximity to important sites, and that comes with certain amenities. A rental that includes a fully stocked kitchen, bathroom, toiletries, en-suite laundry, an entertainment centre, and other amenities (gym, health club, etc.) means you’ll have much of what you need onsite.

Keep Everything Organized

Make use of all the shelves, drawers, closets, and other places where you can store items, like underneath the bed. Everything has its place, and this will also help you find important items like car keys, USB drives, or paperwork in a pinch.

Store Things Digitally

You likely have swathes of work-related documents and files that may be stored on portable hard drives, your laptop, or USB keys. Imagine eliminating that fear of not having your data whenever you need it by uploading it to a cloud-based storage system for access anywhere, anytime.

You can also use mp3s, e-books, and digital magazines to eliminate the need for CDs, paperbound books, and physical magazines. A service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will allow you to watch movies and bypass the need to cart around DVDs.

Regular Cleaning

Having en-suite laundry and a dishwasher are a boon when it comes to clearing piles of clothes and dishes immediately. Nothing is more convenient than being able to do your own laundry in your suite and not have to worry about visiting laundromats nearby.

Book a Suite from MAC Furnished Residences Inc.

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