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The Growing Demand of Short-Term Furnished Residences in Canada

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on September 29, 2017
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Who Needs Short-Term Furnished Residences?

Short-term furnished residences in Canada are sought after by a variety of individuals, for many different reasons. Those who have temporary residency in Canada, such as international students or foreign workers, often look for rental properties for the simple fact that they won’t be in the area for an extended amount of time or permanently. Short-term rentals and furnished apartments are often the ideal option for them because of the convenience factor—these properties are move-in ready, and don’t require occupants to bring anything other than themselves, and their personal belongings. They’re often more cost-effective than staying in a hotel, and offer an unmatched degree of privacy and comfort.

Why Has There Been an Increase in Demand?

Business professionals have realized the pros of short-term rentals versus hotels. While hotels are usually the first option for those travelling, the truth is, there are more advantages to staying in a furnished rental. Keep on reading to find out why there’s been a heightened demand for furnished rentals, and why it might be the right option for you.

Need for Temporary Staffing

One of the primary reasons that furnished rental properties have become so popular in Canada is because of the rising need for temporary staffing. There’s been a significant shift towards temporary employment, which seems to be becoming the norm for future generations. According to the Huffington Post, full-time positions rose 0.2 percent last June, whereas the demand for temporary staff increased by 15% in the second quarter of the year. The lingering effects of the recession still loom around the opportunity of employment for young people, especially recent graduates since their lack of experience puts them in a vulnerable position, where they’re mainly offered temporary roles. In these cases, many employees are temporarily re-locating for work.

Another reason why companies may require temporary staffing is if they are opening up a new location or branch in another city. That new location might require some existing staff from the flagstone location to temporarily relocate until the new office is set up and the new employees are trained. An employee may be required to re-locate for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. For those that need to be closer to their work, but don’t have a permanent position to depend on, a furnished condo is the perfect option. They’re move-in ready, so all an employee needs to bring is their personal belongings. With no commitment, and the at-home feel the space will provide, there’s no better choice for living accommodations when it comes to temporary workers looking for somewhere to stay for the duration of their contract.

Full Residential Experience

While staying in a hotel does have its advantages, anyone who tends to move from city to city frequently knows how exhausting living in a hotel room can be. From the cramped space, lack of storage space, and hefty rental fees—especially for hotels close to the downtown core—hotels aren’t designed for temporary re-location.

On the other hand, furnished rentals offer a sense of comfort and privacy different from hotels; residents won’t hear their neighbour’s kids screaming next door or the raging party across the hall. They’ll also have a lot more living space, including a gourmet kitchen inside each fully decorated suite—something rarely available in a hotel. Eating out can get exhausting, not to mention expensive. In a rental space, residents have the opportunity to prepare their own meals.

In addition, rental suites have a fully furnished living area. Most hotel rooms resemble a master bedroom, only consisting of a bedroom and bathroom. With almost all furnished rentals, there is actual living space with inviting foyers and high-tech entertainment systems. From the living room, dining area, and balcony—if there is one, residents won’t feel flustered and confined in a short-term rental.

Move-In Ready

Sometimes corporate re-locations are fast. Hotels are much too expensive to stay at for weeks or months on end, and other rental properties typically come without furniture. Employees don’t always have the time to purchase new furniture (or the budget) for short-term stays and when they are moving in a rush, or don’t plan on staying too long, buying furniture is the last thing they want to do. A furnished rental can offer residents all the amenities of other rental properties, but will also come with the added convenience of a fully furnished space.

Reliable and Affordable

Hotel reservations can sometimes fall through, and availability can be limited. They can also get pricey, especially for stays longer than just a few days. Furnished rentals are often more dependable and much more affordable for longer stays that are still technically short-term. While the price and reliability of hotel rooms can vary, it’s not something residents have to worry about with furnished rentals.

How to Find Short-Term Furnished Residence in Canada

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