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Short Term Rentals in North York

Short-Term Corporate Condos for Rent

When looking for a short-term rental in North York, consider the superior experience that only renting a condominium can provide. You may have a very clear idea of exactly how long your stay will consist of, but if you find yourself needing to improvise, a short-term rental from a reputable company can easily be extended should you need it.

Another major consideration in your planning might come down to the facilities themselves: Fully-furnished corporate rentals usually offer the best of amenities for their selective clientele.

Short Term Rentals in North York for Any Occasion

There are a wide range of situations where you may need a fully furnished condo to rent in North York. This could include corporate relocation, or maybe your family just needs a comfortable living space while your home is being renovated.


This is one of the primary reasons executive-class businesspeople seek out fully furnished apartments in Toronto. A hotel may suffice for some, but the advantages of having a furnished condo include space, cost, and amenities. If you’re on business in a specific area of Toronto, you’ll want an apartment within close proximity.

Workplace Relocation

A short-term business trip might result in a long-term or even permanent stay. A short-term rental is an ideal solution for the period until a home can be purchased.


Whether one is a student or a businessperson on an educational course, corporate housing offers a flexible, convenient option whereby one does not have to worry about moving furniture or other headaches.

Visiting Family

While you might have no issues with bunking on the pull-out couch with your in-laws for a few days, you could completely skip any stepping on toes by having your own private residence.


If you’re taking a vacation to Toronto, you can do no better than to utilize a fully furnished apartment for your home base. Besides being able to get a much bigger living space than a hotel could offer, you’ll have a kitchen that you can use to prepare healthy meals. If you have family, they will appreciate the seamless living experience from their normal home life.

Temporary Housing

There are a wide number of cases when it makes sense to use temporary housing as a solution. Major renovations, emergency repairs, or even bug infestation could keep you out of your home for an extended period of time. Then there are times when you may sell your home and your new residence may not be ready yet.

Rather than attempt to live out of a hotel or lean on relatives, renting your own apartment means you retain your independence, while also maintaining the comfortable style you are used to living in.

Turn to MAC Furnished Residences Inc. for Short Term Rentals in North York

When looking for the best in temporary apartments within North York, trust MAC Furnished Residences Inc. to meet all your needs. We also offer other services including relocation assistance and real estate brokers. To learn more about how MAC Furnished Residences Inc. can make your stay in Toronto a pleasurable one, contact us toll-free at 1 (877) 239-0025, locally (416) 222-0025 or e-mail us at

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