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Selling your Toronto or GTA home this fall? Consider these tips and tricks:

Posted by nuadmin on November 13, 2022
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Deciding to sell your family home or investment property in Toronto or the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is a big decision to make whether that is because you hold so many memories in those walls or financially you are just not sure if it is the right time to do so, particularly following the pandemic and uncertainty in real estate.

The bottom line is only you can decide whether it is the right time to sell for you, but whenever that may be, there are certainly some things you can do to help your home sell faster in the fast paced Toronto real estate market!

It will be no surprise to hear that the Toronto real estate market boomed this summer with property prices rocketing and competition becoming fierce. However with interest rates increasing homeowners have become concerned about affordability and the steady decrease in house prices. Despite this, there is still a high demand for real estate in Toronto and the GTA, and we anticipate this to continue during this fall season.


To keep ahead of the game and up to date with real estate in Toronto and the GTA then it is essential you keep up to date with market trends and the easiest and most efficient way of doing so is to seek expert advice from a Toronto realtor specialising in the Toronto real estate market.


Make sure your Toronto realtor is clear and explains how they will market your property. The first place most people look for properties to purchase is online through their laptop or more likely through their smarphones and iphones. Photos and virtual tours of your home have never been more important when it comes to listing your home. Make sure you are happy with the photos and tours and how these will be presented online, but also be prepared to accept advice from your Toronto realtor about how best to present your home as remember they want to sell your home just as much as you and they have expert knowledge on the Toronto real estate market!

Once you have agreed on how your Toronto property will be listed, take the time to sit down with your family and your Toronto realtor to create a plan ahead of time. How will showings take place? Will you be at home? Will showings be restricted to particular days or time of day? To ensure a smooth process this should be agreed with your realtor from the outset to ensure minimal disturbance to you and your family.

Although we hope for no further COVID related restrictions, we all know how unpredictable these last couple of years have been. So, as we look to enter into the fall season, we should keep in mind the possibility that further restrictions could be implemented and this may need to be reflected during showings. Is your Toronto realtor able to conduct virtual viewings if necessary? Will your realtor help prepare the property prior to showing to ensure there is good airflow and to prevent potential buyers from unnecessarily touching surfaces in your home? These are all things a good Toronto real estate agent will be able to discuss with you.


It’s all about first impressions! First impressions could make or break any purchase. Although buyers are encouraged to look past any clutter or decor which isn’t exactly to their taste, a clean and tidy house with neutral decor is the best way to go. Pairing this with good lighting will allow buyers to really picture themselves living in your home without any unnecessary distractions.

Is there any work that needs fixing in your home? That leaky tap that you have been putting off could make a huge difference in trying to sell your Toronto home. A buyer may see a small problem and then get carried away thinking that the house is about to fall apart when really it is only a small fix!

Rake those leaves and keep your lawn looking tidy. Cut back those overgrown trees and shrubs to let in as much light as possible. Focus on improving that curb appeal with simple measures, it won’t take long to really make a difference to your home.

If you’re considering relocating to Toronto, get in touch with someone at our MAC Furnished Residences team! As a registered Toronto real estate Brokerage, we can assist you with all your solo, family, group, or corporate relocation needs. Please email us at or give us a call at 416-222-0025/ 1-877-240-0025.

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