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Posted by MAC Suites on March 4, 2024
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Toronto is one of the most multicultural urban areas in the world. Each year tens of thousands of newcomers from around the globe choose our city as their new home. Their diverse cultures and communities have helped create Toronto’s identity as a vibrant city and also one of the most diverse cities.

Whether you are just thinking about moving to Toronto or are already making plans, you will find the information you need right here.


If you’re relocating to Toronto, you will find the greatest demographic diversity, which is reflected in the many ethnic neighbourhoods like Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy and Little Portugal to mention a few. Each neighbourhood has a unique architecture and cultural flair which more often than not can become challenging to decide which area to live in…so many fabulous spots to choose from! Toronto has many beautiful, historic neighbourhoods that feature homes with true woodworking skills and design. The formal feel of these homes and locations, like Wychwood and Rosedale is what drives families to move to Toronto. We also have an abundance of parks and green space for famiies and individuals to enjoy along with fabulous walking and cycling trails.

In general terms, Toronto’s weather broadly follows patterns for each of the four seasons:

Spring is a fairly rainy season in Toronto with daytime temperatures rising as summer approaches while nights remain cool. The average temperature during the day is about 12C in March, April and early May.

Summer in Toronto is at its warmest in July and August, with daytime temperatures averaging above 20C and frequently rising above 30C. Alerts are sometimes broadcast to warn the public about risks from extreme levels of heat, sun and smog.

Fall, or autumn, begins in September with mild temperatures falling steadily until the snowy winter season begins in December. The season is characterized by the changing of the leaves which turn from green to shades of red, orange and yellow before falling to the ground.

Winter is Toronto’s coldest season, with temperatures usally below 0 C and snow falling frequently. January and February are the coldest months where temperatures can drop below -25C. Alerts are sometimes broadcast to warn the public about risks from extreme cold weather.


Toronto rental real estate vacancies are very low, and competition for rentals in Toronto is extremely high. Even is you plan to purchase a home in Toronto within a few months, you might need to rent to build some Canadian credit. Mortgages are beocming more difficult to qualify for, but they are not impossible. Many banks have New To Canada mortgages, which are only available from a few mortgage brokers. These mortgages usually require a downpayment of minimum 35 % of the purchase price of your Toronto home.

To make finding a rental in Toronto easier, bring your reference letters, overseas credit report scores, bank statements, job letters and be sure to find an experienced Toronto real estate agent or a Toronto real estate broker.


From a financial perspective, it is extremely important to start building a Canadian credit score as soon as possible. Open a bank account and apply for a credit card within your first few days.

Next, apply for a Canadian driver’s license, which is the standard ID in the province. Apply for your Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) coverage fast because it takes three months from the date of application before you have medical coverage. Also, apply for your Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) within your first week or two.


There are many uncertainties on where to live, and whether to rent or buy. We advise taking day trips to neighbourhoods and see where you feel comfortable. It’s natural to want to remain in the first city you arrive in, because you’re looking to set roots, but it’s our job to help you find the right community.

We spend everyday driving around the city, and selling homes near beautiful parks, great schools and fantastic shopping. We can hlep you find the perfect place, if you’re willing to let us show you around.


Toronto real estate agents are licensed provincially and help clients throughout the province. In Ontario, real estate agents share listing on what we call the Toronto MLS (Multiple Listing Services). Real estate companies in Ontario contribute to a shared pool of listings that any agent is able to show. So you only need one Toronto real estate agent and that one agent can show you all the available homes. However, not every agent is knowledgeable with relocating families and they will not anticipate your needs. So when relocating to Toronto be sure to secure a Toronto real estate broker who specializes in relocation and destination services.

If you are considering relocating to Toronto or the GTA, there is no doubt that you will need help navigating and managing many things other than just the weather. MAC Relocation Services is able to help! Not only are we able to provide furnished suite once you arrive to Toronto, but we also offer many other relocation services.

  • Toronto and the GTA Area Orientations – We will personally familiarize you with the city of Toronto and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Move Management (Global) – We schedule movers, arrange for the survey of your home, take care of customs clearance and all of the other details from origin to destination.
  • Destination/Settling in Services – We can help you organize things such as your Social Insurance Number, Health Insurance, driver’s licence, banking, schools, cars, pets, etc.
  • Rental and Residential Re-Sale – As experts in the rental and home purchases in Toronto and the GTA, our licensed Toronto realtors can help you find your perfect new home.
  • Temporary Accommodations – We offer Toronto furnished suites and luxury Toronto furnished apartments while you wait for you permanent real estate accommodation.
  • Departure Services – We help those leaving Canada through home sales, lease termination, closing of utilities, etc.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with someone on our team. Our Toronto real estate agents and brokers are licenced with OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) and TRREB (Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.) For more information or to chat about our services, please email at or give us a call at 416-222-0025 / 1 (877) 239-0025

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