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REAL ESTATE: Toronto’s Population Density

Posted by MAC Suites on February 12, 2020
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A recent survey by Finder verified that Toronto is the most desirable city to move to for real estate. In 2018, Toronto was named the 4th most liveable city in the world. Toronto is also the fastest growing city in North America. With all this great buzz and desire to live in Toronto (Toronto real estate truly is outstanding), one would think Toronto’s density is quite high from a global perspective. Well, prepare to be shocked!

The Fraser Institute completed a study that showed Toronto isn’t even the densest city in Canada… that award went to Vancouver. We checked the numbers, and they indeed confirm Vancouver’s ranking of people per km2:

Vancouver – 5,492.6/ km2
Toronto – 4,334.4/ km2
Montreal – 3,889/ km2
Mississauga – 2,467.6/ km2
Calgary – 1,501.1/ km2

Some Torontonians might possibly shake their heads at that ranking, but let’s look at how Toronto compares to other large cities around the globe (we converted to km2 to be consistent):

Paris – 20,000/ km2
Barcelona – 16,000/ km2
New York City – 10,715/ km2
San Francisco – 7,272/ km2
London – 5,666/ km2
Chicago – 4,572/ km2

These rankings are quite easily explained by the land area and age of each city. Consider Vancouver and San Francisco for a moment. Both are cities on the west coast of North America, with the ocean on one side. There is only so much land area for sprawl. As such, land is effectively used up. Building up is the only option now. Thus the density numbers shown above. Paris, Barcelona and London are also older cities, and have effectively stretched out as much as possible. Again, up is the only option. While it is important to keep in mind that each country conducts their censuses on different schedules (ie: population numbers are based on different years), it isn’t likely to skew the data too dramatically.

Our take-away from this is that Toronto still has room for growth. This makes Toronto real estate a great investment. Real estate grows in value faster than you will earn interest from a savings account at your bank. Invest in Toronto real estate now and build your wealth. Our sister company, MAC Real Estate Services Inc., Brokerage, has a team of real estate sales representatives which are Toronto real estate specialists. Why would you not use a specialist for such a big investment? Together with our mortgage and legal experts, we help make the process straightforward and efficient. We are real estate investment experts. We’ll help make you a successful real estate investor. BE INVESTED.

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