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REAL ESTATE: Investing in Pre-Construction

Posted by MAC Suites on May 6, 2019
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If you have been thinking about expanding your investments to include Toronto real estate, today is the best day to get started. Property values continue to go up each year, so waiting just means you end up paying more. Becoming a real estate investor is easier than you think. We can help.

Investing in a pre-construction project allows you to be more selective of what you purchase, and not depend on current resale availability. The Toronto real estate market is hot and has some excellent pre-construction projects available now, and coming soon.

Other benefits to investing in pre-construction:

  • Up-and-coming neighbourhood
  • Latest finishes, desirable for renters
  • Greater timeline to procure funds

Some things to note about buying pre-construction:

  • Do the math… the property may potentially be more expensive than a current resale option
  • Be patient… it will be years for the construction to be completed, and your money will be tied up during that time with no rental income coming in

Real estate grows in value faster than you will earn interest from a savings account at your bank. Invest in Toronto real estate now and build your wealth. Our team of real estate sales representatives are Toronto real estate specialists. Why would you not use a specialist for such a big investment? Together with our mortgage and legal experts, we help make the process straightforward and efficient. We are real estate investment experts. We’ll help make you a successful real estate investor.

Call us today to book your complimentary private consultation. 416-222-0025.

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