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REAL ESTATE: Chattels vs Fixtures… Explained

Posted by MAC Suites on February 21, 2020
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Toronto’s real estate market is incredibly complex, and so is the terminology used. Two examples are “chattels” and “fixtures”. Two fairly benign words, but those two words have the potential to seriously complicate a real estate transaction. Let`s start by breaking down each item.

These are generally goods that are not fixed to the property by anything other than their own weight, and can include things such as furniture, appliances, window coverings (excluding the tracks/brackets), water tanks, and even chicken coops.

As the name indicates, these are things which are permanently fixed to the property, and includes things such as shelving, plumbing, electrical items, and much more.

So why does this all matter? Well, there are a lot of grey areas here. Let’s consider wall-mounted televisions… are they a chattel, or a fixture? What about hot water tanks, or even mirrors? This is why it is so incredibly important to work with an experienced real estate professional (like us!). A professional will advise on which items should be removed prior to listing the property, and which items can remain when listing photos are taken and simply be “excluded” in the paperwork.

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