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Advice to Help You Pack for a Temporary Move

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on March 23, 2018
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Depending on the nature of your travels, packing for a trip can be extremely challenging. Now that most airlines and travelling agencies enforce strict overhead and cargo luggage policies and weight restrictions, a lot of travellers have an even harder time than ever before when it comes to prioritizing what they need and sticking to the essentials. If you’re in the midst of planning a work-related temporary move sometime in the near future, here are a few packing tips you might find helpful during your preparations.

Only Pack What You Need

Over-packing is one of the most common faux pas a lot of travellers are guilty of committing. Adequate trip preparations ultimately boil down to the type of packer you are. There’s the overachieving organized and productive packer who starts preparing for their trip up to a week in advance and then there’s the last-minute packer who just throws everything into a large duffel bag or suitcase a few hours before their departure time. The best piece of advice in this regard is to decipher exactly what you need for your trip and only pack the essentials.

Here’s a detailed list of essential items that professional men and women staying in short-term corporate condos should pack for a business trip:

  • Personal grooming items such as razors, shaving cream, hair products, hair styling products, cosmetics
  • Professional and casual clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Prescription medications
  • Important documents such as identification, travel documents, business contracts, tickets, boarding passes, etc.
  • Electronics and related accessories including mobile devices, e-readers, mp3 players, tablets, laptops, and charging cables

Note that if you’re going on an extended business trip that’s going to last for at least a few weeks, you have the liberty to expand this list and add a few more personal items to help make your stay more comfortable and add a homey touch.

Make a Detailed List of Everything You’re Bringing with You

Itemizing all of the belongings you’re planning on bringing with you has a few different benefits. First of all, it’s a great way to stay organized and on the right track while you’re packing your bags. Second, it’ll also help you remember exactly what you brought with you when it’s time to repack your belongings at the end of the trip. Refer to the list to make sure you don’t forget anything of value that’s irreplaceable. Keep in mind that unlike most hotels, short-term furnished apartments typically come equipped with the majority of the items you may be thinking of bringing. Don’t panic if you forget something minor like deodorant because you can always purchase that when you reach your destination.

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