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Investing… in Student Housing

Nov 28, 2018
Investing in a major city like Toronto is a fantastic idea. But what many people don’t stop to consider is investing outside of the Toronto core, near a major University. Guelph, for example, has one [more]
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When Can You Use Short-Term Rentals?

Nov 23, 2018
Life can be pretty unpredictable sometimes and this can lead to some interesting circumstances that may require you to move to a new city or rental apartment either on a short or long-term basis. Whet [more]
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Reasons Why Furnished Apartments Are the Bes...

Nov 16, 2018
Considering the rising cost of rent, furnished apartments in Toronto are an ideal money-saving solution for people who are constantly moving for one reason or another without forcing you to compromise [more]
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Steps to Take When Purchasing or Renting

Nov 12, 2018
Toronto’s real estate market is incredibly complex. Whether buying or looking to rent, the process can seem daunting. So we’ve come up with a list of steps to follow during the process: Decide on your [more]
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Kid-Friendly Fully Furnished Housing in Toro...

Nov 09, 2018
With the holiday season on the horizon, you might be considering travelling to Toronto in the next few months to visit family or friends. Finding an appropriate and accommodating place to stay can som [more]
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Benefits of Moving to Temporary Housing afte...

Nov 02, 2018
It can be absolutely heart wrenching to deal with the aftermath of having been displaced from your home due to a fire, flood, or other disasters. There are so many questions, lots of unknowns, and peo [more]
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Toronto’s Real Estate, and How it Compares t...

Nov 01, 2018
Toronto’s real estate market is ever-changing, and sometimes hard to keep track of for most. To be honest, we love it! We thrive off the energy and growth. Many have asked, though… just how does [more]
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Lest We Forget

Oct 28, 2018
At MAC Furnished Residences Inc. (MAC Suites), “it’s not business… it’s personal”. The success of MAC Suites is due to Canada’s freedom and peaceful existence. Freedom which would not be a reality wit [more]
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How Furnished Apartments Can Help You During...

Oct 26, 2018
Travelling with your family isn’t always easy, especially if you have young kids in tow. Group travel in general can be challenging because everyone usually has different preferences when it comes to [more]
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Benefits of Renting a Corporate Condominium ...

Oct 19, 2018
Renting a corporate condominium in Toronto comes with a lot of potential perks and setbacks, depending on what your expectations and must-haves are. Most renters have a hard time deciphering the diffe [more]
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Oct 15, 2018
Doriana Zohil-Morton was personally invited by Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council) President & CEO Peggy Smith to be part of the dialogue/conversation about mobility. This light-hearted co [more]
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The Best Cities with Affordable Furnished Re...

Oct 05, 2018
One of the many challenges faced by young Canadian professionals today is finding a workable middle ground between affordable housing and cultivating a steadily rising career in their preferred locati [more]
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