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Moving to Toronto and haven’t seen the snow? Here’s how to prepare for winter in the city!

Posted by mac_admin on November 27, 2022
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If you have recently relocated to Toronto, hopefully you have been lucky enough to enjoy the glorious summer before the temperatures turned as Fall arrived. Although there have certainly been some cooler days of late, don’t be fooled, the weather has still been very mild in comparison to what’s in store come winter!

Now you may have heard that Toronto ‘doesn’t get that cold,’ and in comparison to our neighbour provinces up north that is arguably correct. But if you are relocating to Toronto from a far milder climate you are in for a shock. You should expect snow to be on the ground from around mid December to mid March with temperatures struggling to reach above freezing. Throw some unexpected snow storms into the mix and you start to realise that the winter here should not be taken lightly. Take for instance the snowstorm which hit Toronto on 16 and 17 January this year where 55 centimetres of snow fell in only 15 hours which took over a month to clear.

That being said, the winters are truly beautiful in Toronto as long as you are prepared! Don’t worry thought, we are here to help guide you into winter so that you can be as prepared as possible.

Batten Down the Hatches!

For most people their home is their biggest investment and so it is only sensible to protect that investment before winter. There are a number of practical things you can do too, but number one is to ensure your roof is secure, particularly if your house is an older build. Any leaks will lead to water damage which could end up being an expe3nsive fix! Unless you know what you are doing, we would advise seeking the help of professionals her to avoid any issues down the road.

Likewise, you should check all around your property for any cracks where the elements or even rodents and insects can enter. Any cracks or gaps in the external and internal walls should be sealed as soon as possible.

Is your home properly insulated? With temperatures dropping the last thing you want is for expensive heat to be escaping your home. Get this checked before winter arrives together with your furnace and fireplace.

Stock up!

Although we will hopefully be given enough warning before a winter storm arrives, it is always sensible to ensure you are stocked up on groceries, especially dried food and tins. Don’t forget pet food either!

It’s not just groceries you need to stock up on. Make sure you have any medication you may need, flashlight, batteries and blankets. Don’t forget to have the snow shovel handy either, you will make good use out of it this winter.

Winter Tires

Not every person in Toronto has a car as it is not essential to travel around Toronto given the public transport system. But if you wan to get out and about in Toronto, the GTA or further afield then a car becomes more essential, especially for those cottage getaways!

As the winter starts to turn colder, you should really consider changing your tires to winter tires in readiness for the ice, snow and slush to come. Not only will this make driving much safer for you and other road users, it will most likely reduce your car insurance premium as well.

Wrap up Warm!

Do not underestimate the need to have a good winter coat and boots. If you are commuting downtown to work, or simply walking the dogs you really will need a warm coat to protect you from the elements. Make sure it is waterproof and windproof. The same goes for boots. You certainly do not want cold and wet feet if you are out for the day.

If you are looking to go skiing or hiking then perhaps consider more breathe-able clothing which allows more movement.

If you can, buy your outerwear before winter hits. You don’t want to be last minute panic buying when stock is low!

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