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Luxury Homes for Rent in Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is one of the most prestigious old Toronto neighbourhoods. Nestled between Yonge Street, Lawrence Avenue, and Bayview Avenue, this wealthy scenic neighbourhood has a lot to offer. Residents can enjoy beautifully manicured gardens, fine dining, high-end shopping, and so much more. But why buy luxury furnished homes in Toronto when renting is a much more viable option?

At MAC Furnished Residences Inc., we can help you find the perfect luxury home in Lawrence Park, so that you can enjoy an amazing short-term stay in Toronto.

Why Rent a Luxury Home in Lawrence Park?

Priced at over $3 million, purchasing a luxury home in Lawrence Park simply isn’t a feasible or affordable option for a lot of people. This elite and wealthy neighbourhood is home to a lot of Toronto’s old money. With its mix of Colonial, English-cottage, Georgian, and Tudor revival-style homes, many of the residents either grew up here or their families have owned these properties for generations.

However, that doesn’t mean that temporary visitors can’t enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of this neighbourhood, too. Here are a few reasons that you should consider renting one of our luxury apartments or homes in Lawrence Park during your next visit to Toronto.


Stunning, well-maintained, and calming scenery surrounds these historic heritage-style homes. Inside, the homes are fully furnished and you’ll have access to professional cleaning services, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a fleet of high-end appliances, and so much more. Each space is stylishly decorated to combine modern and traditional concepts.

Friendly Neighbours and Excellent Security  

Although it’s not quite a gated community, Lawrence Park offers a lot of security for part-time and full-time residents. Neighbours in this area look out for one another and the crimes rates are relatively low compared to other Toronto neighbourhoods. Most people who live here either grew up in the area or their families have owned properties here for many generations. Stringent security measures are in place to discourage crime and uphold neighbourhood safety standards.

Living in Lawrence Park

As one of Toronto’s oldest and ritziest neighbourhoods, there’s no shortage of shopping, activities, and fine dining options in Lawrence Park.

Upscale Shopping

Just a short walking distance from Lawrence Park is one of the most high-end shopping districts Toronto has to offer. One of Canada’s largest and swankiest retailers, Mendocino, is just around the corner. The Ink Coop, which is famous for designing some of the wackiest and “out there” suits that Don Cherry has ever worn, is also close by.

Fine Dining Options

This neighbourhood is ripe with fine dining options such as Shoushin sushi bar, which also offers traditional Japanese dining options. Afterward, you can take a leisurely stroll down the street over to Bobbette and Belle Artisanal Pastries for some delectable homemade pastries, cakes, tarts, coffee, or tea.

Local Activities

No visit to the Lawrence Park neighbourhood is complete without checking out the actual park after which the area is named. This gorgeous 4.6 hectare park offers numerous recreational activities. Visit the well-known Lawrence Park Tennis Club or The Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club for some outdoor fun with the family. There’s also the George Locke Public Library, the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, and the jaw-dropping footpath on the ravine.

Rent One of Our Luxury Homes or Apartments in Lawrence Park

To learn about our services at MAC Furnished Residences Inc. or book your accommodations, please contact us today! Not only are we able to help you find a short-term furnished apartment in Toronto through our brokerage MAC Real Estate Services Inc., but our licensed realtors can also help you if you are buying or selling a home or condo. Plus, we can help facilitate a smoother transition if you are moving to Toronto with MAC Relocation Solutions.

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