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Kid-Friendly Fully Furnished Housing in Toronto

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on November 9, 2018
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With the holiday season on the horizon, you might be considering travelling to Toronto in the next few months to visit family or friends. Finding an appropriate and accommodating place to stay can sometimes be cumbersome when you have young children or teenagers with you. It’s always good to get a head start when looking for fully furnished housing in Toronto—real estate tends to move quickly in the city, especially around this time of year!

Here are some things you should be considering when looking for kid-friendly short-term rentals in Toronto:

Fully Functional and Sizeable Kitchen

As a parent, you probably spend a lot of your time in the kitchen preparing meals for your family. Depending on how old your kids are, you probably also spend a lot of quality time with them preparing meals together in the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is usually considered the heart of the home, the center space, if you will because it’s where everyone gathers organically whether it’s to share a meal, hold family meetings, or do homework. With that in mind, the kitchen in your kid-friendly apartment should be fully functional, and large enough to suit the needs of your family.

Excellent Location and Safe Neighbourhood

Another factor parents typically consider when planning a permanent or temporary move for their family is location. As cliché as it sounds, location is one of the most important aspects of real estate. You want your children to be in a safe neighbourhood with a reasonably low crime rate, even if you’re only going to be living there for a short period of time. Your kid-friendly short-term rental should also be centrally located and within close proximity to public transit, grocery stores, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and anything else you and your family could possibly need.

Spacious Kid-Friendly Apartments with Ample Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms in your apartment is just as important as the size of the kitchen and its location. Assessing your family’s needs as closely as possible will help you determine exactly how many bedrooms you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. On that note, the layout of your kid-friendly apartment and the proximity of your children’s sleeping quarters to your own are also important. If they’re still infants or toddlers but sleep independently, then you might want to consider an apartment where the bedrooms are somewhat close together. However, if your kids are teenagers, then they (and you) might want a little more privacy, in which case it might be better if your bedrooms are a little further apart. It all depends on your family dynamics.

MAC Furnished Residences Inc. offers everything you and your family needs to enjoy your temporary stay in Toronto. All of our world-class luxury suites come fully furnished with state-of-the-art appliances including stoves, cooktops, and ensuite laundry units for your personal convenience. Contact us today to book your fully furnished housing in Toronto. We can also help you find kid-friendly short-term rentals through our brokerage MAC Real Estate Services Inc. and help facilitate a smoother transition with and MAC Relocation Solutions.

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