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Investing… in Student Housing

Posted by MAC Suites on November 28, 2018
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Investing in a major city like Toronto is a fantastic idea. But what many people don’t stop to consider is investing outside of the Toronto core, near a major University. Guelph, for example, has one major University, a local college, and even a veterinary college. Guelph has plenty of real estate options for investors to think about. Purchase prices tend to be much lower, and there are plenty of tenants to ensure your property is always occupied and rented.

Let’s break this down for you…

(assuming 20% down, amortized over 25 years)

Rent for a 5 bedroom home in Guelph can go for about $2,850. So this puts you ahead by over $865 each month. You are literally making money in your sleep!

Our clients have had great success investing outside of Toronto. It’s really quite easy. Don’t wait to start investing in real estate. Start now, start small, and stay patient. And let us help! 416-222-0025.

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