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Immigration Services Explained

If you do not quality for an eTA, you will require a TRV, commonly referred to as a Visa. Once an online application has been submitted, and upon approval, your passport will need to be sent to the Canadian Embassy for stamping. Once you receive your stamped passport back, you are able to travel into Canada.

A work permit is required in order for you to work lawfully in Canada. Depending on your citizenship, this application will be made online or will be made directly at Canadian Immigration at your point of entry into Canada. An initial work permit is typically valid for three years but can be extended. 

Dependent children travelling with you may apply for study permits which would allow them to study in Canada lawfully. With a valid study permit, children are also able to receive provincial healthcare. This application will be done online or at your point of entry. 

We can assist with visitor record applications for your dependent(s) should they chose not to study and/or work in Canada during your stay. Our Team can also apply for this for dependent children under the age of 5 years old, which will allow them to study at the primary level.

Some people are inadmissible into Canada. This can be the case for individuals who have been involved in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organized crime, or for security, health or financial reasons. We can assist you with these matters by engaging in an in-depth assessment of your circumstances to determine a potential avenue for entry.

If you will be working and residing in Québec for longer than 30 days, a CAQ will be required. It is a document issued by the government of Québec. Should studying dependent(s) be residing in Québec, if their course is longer than 6 months, they will also require their own CAQ. An approved CAQ is required prior to submitting a work permit or study permit application; this is a separate application.

Our Team is skilled in the LMIA process. An approved LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill a specific job in addition to showing that there are no Canadian workers or permanent residents available to undertake the job in question. An in-depth assessment of your circumstances will be undertaken to assess whether an LMIA is required. An approved LMIA is required prior to submitting a work permit application; this is a separate application.

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