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How to Find a Furnished Apartment for Temporary Living in Toronto

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on October 6, 2017
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When searching for a furnished apartment for temporary living in Toronto, you want to make sure you find the ideal living space for your relocating executives. If an employee is relocating to Toronto from another city, it can be tough to find a furnished apartment—especially if they are abroad—since they likely aren’t very familiar with the area and will need somewhere to stay as soon as they get here. How can you possibly manage to find an appropriate furnished rental for them without being in the city yourself? Working with a relocation service company can certainly ease the burden; here are some other tips to make your search for temporary living accommodations easier, and more fruitful than ever.

Analyze Your Needs and Budget

First and foremost, you should establish a budget. When trying to set a realistic budget for the corporate relocation, take into account other expenses that you’ll incur as well as expenses the employees will have, such as groceries, transportation, and any miscellaneous costs. You should also think about what your executives will need, and things they won’t compromise on. For some, they may be relocating with their families and proximity to good schools is a must. For others, access to public transit is important.

Get Help from Your Colleagues

Asking your colleagues that already live in the area is a good idea, since they’ll have a feel for the city and can make good recommendations. Be sure to do your research about neighbourhoods your employees are interested in, and always ask anyone you know that lives there what it’s really like. Each neighbourhood in Toronto has unique features: some are known for their parks, others are known for their reliable transit system. Depending on your employee’s specific needs, some neighbourhoods may be a better fit than others.

See Photographs

When you’re looking for a furnished rental in a different city, you’re often limited to depending on pictures and virtual tours to get a feel of what the building is like. Look at as many photos tours and videos, if you can find any, to get a good idea of what your employees will be walking into when they arrive. Talk with your employees to get their impression of the corporate suite and make sure to share any photographs and videos with them too.

Check Out the Amenities

Each building has different amenities, and you’ll likely be gravitated towards certain ones depending on your employee’s lifestyle. Some furnished rentals may have a gym in the building, pool, sauna, or concierge service. You’ll also want to inquire about parking availability if your employee will have a car, or proximity to public transportation if they won’t be driving. Some buildings may also have conference or meeting rooms, which could be convenient for business professionals.

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