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Get Pet-Friendly Travel Accommodations at MAC Furnished Residences

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on January 19, 2018
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We love our companion animals in a way that can be hard for others to understand: Pets are part of the family. This sometimes makes it hard to endure time away from them. So, when travelling, whether for business or for pleasure, it’s incredibly relieving to discover that not only do pet-friendly travel accommodations exist, but that many short-term residences cater to your needs across the board.

The Benefits of Travelling with a Pet

There is nothing better in life than to head out on the road with your animal in tow. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, about 37% of pet owners are taking their animals on the road.

There are many benefits to travelling with a pet: according to research, pets help their owners by reducing stress, alleviating allergies, boosting immune functions, reducing loneliness, and increasing fitness. People have reported that bringing their dog on trips helps them feel safe, makes them look like a local, and allows them to keep a routine that eliminates jet lag. Walking around with a pet is a great conversation starter that allows you to make new friends instantly, in any city.

Pet-Friendly Travel Accommodation at MAC Furnished Residences

If you require executive-class accommodations that are also friendly for pets, consider consulting the experts at MAC Furnished Residences Inc. Even though some hotels are pet-friendly, they still lack the space that would be ideal for your pet to romp around. A short-term apartment rental solves this by giving you more living space for a lower cost.

One-bedroom suites start from just $4,400 monthly and two-bedrooms start from just $5,600 per month. We also have locations in the most popular neighbourhoods in the GTA, including Downtown, Yonge & Bloor, North York, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, and Oakville.

All of our apartments are fully furnished to allow you and your furry friend to live in complete comfort within your home-away-from-home. Our residences have comprehensive entertainment centres, as well as kitchens that are completely stocked with beautiful dinnerware and utensils, which allows you the option of preparing your own meals. There is also en-suite laundry, which provides you the convenience of doing your laundry on your own schedule and helps you to look and feel your best while travelling.

Bedrooms come with the highly acclaimed “Beautyrest” mattresses, as well as plush bedding. Bathrooms have all the items that you’ve come to expect, such as toiletries, hairdryers, and bathrobes. Telephone service with free local calls is included, and high-speed Internet, parking, and housekeeping services are also available.

Reserve Your Pet-Friendly Accommodations Now

World-class travellers have relied on MAC Furnished Residences Inc. for pet-friendly travel accommodations for over 17 years. Our incredible team is always available to cater to your needs for both short- and long-term stays within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). To find out more, speak with our multilingual staff (English, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Spanish) by contacting us toll-free at 1-(866)-393-2322, locally at 416-222-0025, or e-mailing us at

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