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Business Travel Tip: How to Prepare for a Temporary Move

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on November 24, 2017
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Imagine this scenario: You’ve just received word that there is something major happening at your company. You’ve been slated to head-up a project or expansion abroad, and you now find yourself preparing for moving.

If you’re moving to Toronto, you now have a huge task on your hands and may require moving services in order to relocate to your new home. Here are some tips to make you temporary move a lot easier.

Plan Your Move

Start by making an itemized list that prioritizes everything that is going to be involved in your move. Number one on the list will likely be to find a residence in the most suitable Toronto location. Other considerations may include finding nearby schools or daycares, and ensuring that you have access to any other transportation networks or are located in close proximity to where you’ll be working.

Check for Temporary Housing Options

Look around for temporary housing options. There are a wide variety, including traditional hotels, leasing a property, and various “to-let” properties for short-term rental. Which choice will best meet all of your needs? If you require a spacious, cost-effective, and flexible option, a furnished apartment may be your best bet.

A reputable company with extensive experience in providing furnished residences can handle your requests and needs at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, they will even be able to help you with other services involved in relocation, should you need them.

Pack What You Need

What are the essential items that you must take with you? It’s best to be careful with your selection and omit items that you can easily source or have provided for you abroad. For instance, an apartment from MAC Furnished Residences Inc. will already come with items like flat screen televisions, plush bedding, mattresses, dinnerware, and many more key items, saving you the expense of needing new purchases and/or the stress from needing to ship your own items abroad.

Take Care of Temporary Storage

Ensure that the items that you are leaving behind are cared for and undamaged when you return. Take your time in carefully wrapping and packing items using the best packing materials. Avoid using boxes that will degrade over time or newsprint that can bleed ink onto your things. If you are storing appliances, make sure that they are cleaned and that there are no opportunities for mould to build up in your absence.

Search for a Shipping Company if Needed

If you have items that have sentimental value, will be too expensive or are too difficult to source in your new city, then the best solution will be to search for a shipping company. MAC Furnished Residences Inc. can take manage your move and oversee all the details, so you won’t need to find a shipping company. We will take extra-special care in transporting your items with the same care that you would want your personal possessions to be shown.

Contact MAC Furnished Residences Inc. for Reliable Corporate Housing

Consider using a company that is already dialed in to provide services and support for all of your moving needs. For the best corporate housing in Toronto, MAC Furnished Residences Inc. can exceed all of your expectations. We are a one-stop-shop and can take care of all the details involved in your relocation, so you have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. For more information or help with any questions, feel free to contact us toll-free at 1 (866) 393-2322, locally at (416) 222-0025 or e-mail us at

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