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Advantages of Renting Fully Furnished Apartments

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on February 2, 2018
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If you are in the midst of planning a stay or business trip in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you may consider choosing between renting unfurnished or fully furnished housing. While on the surface, an unfurnished apartment appears to cost less, there are countess advantages that fully furnished corporate apartments located in desirable areas downtown and throughout the GTA have.

Why Is Renting Fully Furnished Apartments a Smart Decision?

Going with fully furnished housing in Toronto, or outlying areas of the GTA like Oakville is a smart decision because it affords you flexibility, savings, and freedom from worrying about the chore of moving.

Flexible Leases

The rental market throughout the entire GTA is highly competitive, with most landlords requiring a term of one year for all leases. When you don’t know the amount of time that you’ll be posted in Toronto or if you are planning to buy a home, a flexible lease makes much more sense.

No Need to Buy Furniture

Not only will you save the expense of buying or moving furniture, but a reputable, established furnished rental company will have rooms that are decked out with comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and modern furnishings.

No Hassle in Moving

From shipping fragile items to exhausting yourself with the tedious chore of moving in, a furnished apartment saves you a tremendous amount of hassle. Then there is the matter of setting up utilities, telephone service, and other options. With a fully furnished apartment, you know you’re walking into an executive-class apartment with all the amenities that you’ve become accustomed to right away.

Endless Options

From choosing the layout of your apartment to selecting a prime location within the GTA, you have endless options available at your fingertips. Also consider that a furnished apartment gives you a choice of having a gym, pool, parking, housekeeping, high-speed WiFi, and other amenities should you need them. All you have to do is ask.

Finished Decor

MAC Furnished Residences Inc.’s apartments are decorated by talented designers. That means that you get to walk into a home that looks and feels just as comfortable as your own residence. If you need to adjust the ambiance, you can redecorate until everything feels just right.

How MAC Furnished Residences Inc. Can Help

Are you looking to rent or lease an apartment in the Greater Toronto Area and want to find out about your best options? Consider MAC Furnished Residences Inc. for your travel needs, as we supply some of the best furnished housing in the city. We have a longstanding reputation for excellence in catering to executive-class travellers with the most discerning of tastes. To find out more, speak with our multilingual staff (English, French, Italian, Croatian, Greek, and Spanish) by contacting us toll-free at 1-(866)-393-2322, locally at 416-222-0025, or e-mailing us at

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