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8 Relocation Tips to Consider when Moving to Toronto

Posted by Doriana Zohil-Morton on August 23, 2019
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Moving to Toronto or any new location for that matter can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. There are a lot of moving parts and key components to take into consideration when relocating. Whether you’re relocating to Toronto for an exciting new job opportunity or to be closer to family and friends, it’s important to plan your move thoroughly to ensure proper execution and minimal risk.

With that in mind, here are eight things you should consider doing before permanently or temporarily moving to Toronto.

Research Your New Neighbourhood

No matter what you’re doing in life, it’s always good to have at least some idea of what you’re getting yourself into. And the same concept applies to moving to Toronto. Like many other major cities around the world, Toronto is teeming with multiculturalism and diversity, consisting of multiple boroughs that each have their own unique personalities. From the east end to the west end, there’s a lot to discover about Toronto and each neighbourhood has its own distinctive story to tell, so take the time to explore.

Purchase Property, Contents, and Auto Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when relocating to Toronto is neglecting to purchase sufficient property and contents insurance. You should do everything you can to protect your assets. Purchasing the right property and contents insurance for your needs is a smart move, especially if you have particularly valuable or irreplaceable possessions (some landlords even make it mandatory in the lease). If you plan on driving in the city, then comprehensive auto insurance is also a must as the likelihood of getting into an accident in a heavily populated city increases.

Plan for Temporary Housing During Your Move

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as affordable temporary housing in Toronto—you just have to know where and how to look for it. While you might think it makes more sense to save money and stay with a friend or family member, sometimes that can be more of a burden than a blessing for both parties involved, especially if you inadvertently overstay your welcome. What if your move is delayed for some reason, like the moving company you hired lost some of your furniture and you need time to recuperate your losses, or your new home in Toronto requires repairs?

An extended stay in someone else’s home has the potential to ruin friend and family relationships because eventually, you’ll start to infringe on the other person’s space and vice versa. It’s much better to have access to your own personal space that you can use for as long as you want without having to worry about inconveniencing someone else.

Avoid a DIY Relocation

Regardless of whether you’re moving a short or long distance, hiring a professional moving service is the way to go. Professional movers can help you plan your move in a step-by-step and organized manner. They’ll help you take inventory of all of your personal belongings to ensure nothing gets left behind on moving day, and they’ll load, transport, and unload heavy items in their moving trucks, so that you won’t have to worry about throwing your back out lifting heavy objects.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Prepare

Even if you’re a single person with minimal belongings, planning and properly executing a move is time-consuming and requires excellent organizational skills. That’s why you need to give yourself ample time to prepare for your move. Start making to-do lists and ticking off completed tasks at least a few weeks before moving day. Procrastination isn’t your friend when it comes to uprooting your entire life to a new location. Establish a plan of action and stick to it as much as possible throughout the moving process. Relocation companies in Canada, such as MAC Relocation Solutions can help you plan your move and assimilate to your new location. These services are especially helpful for families with young children who need to enroll in a new school in the area.

Complete a Professional Home Inspection

A professional home inspection will tell you everything you need to know about your new abode, including if there are any internal structural damages that need to be repaired. If you owned the home that you’re moving out of, then you or the new owner should arrange to have a home inspection performed there as well. Unless otherwise negotiated, the new owners are usually responsible for covering the cost of that.

Consider Your Work-Life Balance and Daily Commute

There’s no question that moving disrupts pretty much every aspect of your life. But, the place you’re moving to should make it easier for you to strike an equal work-life balance and it should even shorten your daily commute or at least make it a little easier on you. Unless the reason you’re moving is for retirement, then you need to really think about what your daily life is going to be like when you go to work. Do you take pubic transit every day? In that case, you’ll have to move to an area with plenty of public transportation options.

If you drive to work, then you need to make sure that there are multiple route options to get you there during peak hours in case of an accident. On the other hand, if you work remotely, then make sure your new home has ample space for you to create your own office or workstation.

Work with an Experienced Realtor and Relocation Company

MAC Furnished Residences Inc. is one of the top relocation companies in Canada. Not only are we able to help you find a luxury short-term furnished apartment in Toronto through our brokerage MAC Real Estate Services Inc., but our licensed realtors can also help you if you’re buying or selling a home or condo. Plus, we can facilitate a smooth transition if you’re moving to Toronto with MAC Relocation Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to book your accommodations!

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